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4LeXin big advantage to support their choice


1.Technical advantages

Have 10 years experience in optical product research and development of professional technical service personnel,

Products have a number of patents

2.Service advantages

The service response fast, instant response received customer information,

Products conform to the state three packs of policy, the customer zero risk.

3.Advantage of supply

Long-term stock inventory, retail on the day of delivery, batch order 3 to 7 days can delivery.

4.Team advantage

Professional team according to the actual needs of customers, can provide a range of pre-market after-sales support, bring high efficiency, ensure the safety of;

About us

Dongguan le sintek technology co., LTD. Is specialized in r&d and design as the core of new energy lighting enterprise.The company in line with "technology for the food, the quality for this" principle.Pay attention to the company's technical team construction, r&d personnel more than 30, now we are going to problem solving in the process of research and development, to provide customers with high quality products.On the production line, we pay more attention to the product of each production link, do technical personnel on the production line, production line workers to understand technology, make product production process strictly to control, at the same time, we will product testing as the top priority of our work, strict and rigorous keep testing of our products……【View details

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